A Short Introduction…..

After twenty-nine years of working in public school districts I have opted to move into independent work as a trainer/consultant. Much of this move is based on the opportunity to retire from the daily routine of (considerable) office work, the desire to continue my work in education working directly with kids and teachers and administrators and the realization that the knowledge and skills I have accumulated over the years can be used to help a wide number of schools and learners.

If you have worked with me before you will know that I am passionate about the use of technology as a tool to further learning. This does not mean a rote program that kids are plopped in front of every day for X number of minutes. Using technology means using tools to create and collaborate. It means going beyond the confines of what is provided by products such as Microsoft Office to explore web resources, information, and to communicate with other learners, as they produce work in common.

Beyond technology development my other area of passion is communication skills. As a kid I was lucky to have the opportunity to be part of my school speech and debate team. As an adult I even had the chance to work with youth as their coach and engage high school students in competitive forensics. The value of learning how to communicate has helped me in so many ways. the lessons learned in high school are still with me as I work with adults today. More importantly, as I look at the lives of my former students I see a diverse group of people who have become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, actresses; all accomplished people, made more capable by the ability to present, speak and argue. All of our kids need that opportunity today!

This blog will focus on educational issues, and of course how FX3EdSolutions can help our educators and learners develop better skills. Please feel free to contact me regarding services. I know that we can craft a program of services for your school that will move learning forward for everyone in your organization.

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