Teacher professional development – avoiding the drive-by


If you have been involved in public education for any amount of time there is no doubt that you have been the victim of a drive-by. Not a horrific crime but an experience that tends to harden your perspective towards professional development and one that makes it so much more difficult to gain the engagement and participation of teachers. By definition a drive-by is a one time PD topic that covers a skill or process one time only. After the drive-by teachers are expected to master and implement the coverage with no further follow-up. The PD providers are off to their next presentation and staff is left wondering when and how this new skill or process fits into their practice.

Drive-by PD is a waste of time and money. Teachers can easily dismiss drive-by PD because the topic never comes up again. Just one more item on the plate for teachers. There is no ongoing support for the skill or process so it becomes lost in the sea of PD.

FX3EdSolutions does not believe in the drive-by PD. We believe that effective PD provides for follow-up coaching and discussion, leading to more effective implementation of the skill/process. To back up our belief we build our services to include follow-up contact with teachers, at a rate that will not wreck your budget.

If the PD topic is important to present to teachers, it needs follow-up. If teachers time is valued there really cannot be any drive-by PDs. Contact FX3EdSolutions regarding your professional development needs. No drive-by professional development. Is is a better way to plan professional learning for your staff.

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